Dreamland Sleep Shop

Holiday Gift Guide 2020

Dreamland Sleep Shop's Holiday Gift Guide 2020


Silk Pillow Case

Silk Pillow Cases are luxuriously smooth to sleep on.  Silk naturally regulates temperature and is hypoallergenic, which makes it a great option for everyone.  Our customers love our silk pillow cases because they help prevent hair from tangling while you sleep and can help reduce wrinkles and breakouts while helping your skin retain its natural moisture.


Luxurious Bath Robe

We have a great selection of quality bath robes to choose from.  We have 100% cotton unisex robes which come in a convenient one-size-fits-all which can make a great gift for anyone on your holiday list.  These robes are soft and comfy, and are perfect for keeping warm in the cooler months.

We also have bamboo bath robes for women that are naturally temperature regulating and hypoallergenic.  Bamboo robes are silky soft to the touch and luxuriously comfortable to wear.  They come in black, pink, and blue with an elegant matching satin edge.


Cozy Blanket or Throw

Who doesn’t love receiving a new blanket for a gift?  Blankets are so warm and cozy, and are truly a gift of comfort.  From big and fluffy to sleek and soft- we have a wide range of blankets to please anyone on your holiday list. 




 Sleep Mask

You’ll love our luxurious sleep masks made from 100% pure silk.  They are so soft and comfortable that you’ll forget you’re wearing it; and silk is temperature regulating so it doesn’t overheat.

We also have luxe aromatherapy eye masks for ultimate relaxation, as well as 3D eye masks which are perfect for someone with eyelash extensions or anyone who doesn’t like their sleep mask to sit directly on their face.  For those who are looking for ultimate comfort: we have VIP eye shades with space foam.


Organic Cotton or Bamboo Towels

Pamper someone on your holiday list with our organic cotton towels!  Thick, plush, soft, and super absorbent- these come in a range of colours.

Our bamboo/cotton towels are soft and sustainable, look gorgeous, and feel amazing.  Bamboo is very absorbent and naturally anti-bacterial.

Both varieties of towels come in bath sheets, perfect for anyone who enjoys a large towel! 


Organic Cotton Flannelette Sheets

These sheets are woven with the finest 100% organic combed cotton (180 GSM), offering the ultimate bedtime luxury.  Free from harsh chemicals these sheets promote a comfortable and peaceful night sleep. These sheets are perfect to get cozy in on cold winter nights. 



Bamboo Sheets

Give the gift of luxury with our wonderfully soft and breathable 100% bamboo sheets.  These sheets breathe 3 times better than cotton and feel like a cross between silk and cotton.  Bamboo is naturally temperature regulating which means they will sleep you warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer.



Duvet Cover

Our quality duvet covers instantly refresh a room giving it a new look.  Made of premium quality fabrics, our duvet covers are made to last while remaining comfortable.



Washable Wool Duvet

Our washable wool duvets are made locally in BC, using premium Australian wool.  These duvets have a 100% pure cotton cover which helps with breathability.  Wool is naturally temperature regulating and is dust mite and allergen resistant.  Never sleep too hot or too cold again!


Stocking Stuffers

Aromatherapy Room & Pillow Sprays 
Our room and pillow sprays are hand made locally in Gibsons.  We have a variety of scents to please anyone on your holiday list.
 Locally Made Soaps
We have locally made Mia & Gus soaps which make a great stocking stuffer!  These soaps use all natural ingredients and are vegan. 
Essential Oil Roll-Ons

Need help relaxing?  Is your partner snoring?  Our aromatherapy roll on bottles from Healing Scents are a safe and easy way to ease the common ailments of everyone in your family.