Daniadown Pillow Protector

  • $16.99

Daniadown Velvet Touch Waterproof Pillow Protector

NoDustMites.jpg No mites! Waterproof2.jpg Waterproof! Breathable.jpg Breathable!

Prolong the life of your pillow with a pillow protector!  Daniadown's waterproof, breathable, pillow protector offers the ultimate in protection with the comfort of an absorbent cotton velour fabric.  Allergy and asthma sufferers can sleep more comfortably as the waterproof lining is impenetrable to dust mites and other irritants.

  • Soft, cotton, velour
  • Thin, breathable, waterproof under layer protects pillow
  • Machine washable and dryable 
  • Protects against dust mites, bed buds, and allergens
  • Noiseless
  • Waterproof
  • Absorbent


  • Standard:        $14.99
  • Queen:           $16.99
  • King:                $18.99