'Knee Tech' Space Foam Support Pillow

  • $34.99

Drift off to a more comfortable sleep with the Knee Tech Space Foam Support.  Knee Tech gently and effectively supports a side-sleeper's knees, preventing the upper leg from rotating and resulting in a more relaxing sleep position.

Its thermo-sensitive properties respond to the body's natural heat, while the ergonomic contoured design provides comforting support.  Unlike regular pillows, the Knee Tech has a soft elastic retainer strap which keeps the support in place — even during the deepest sleep.

  • Washable Cover
  • Contoured Design Reduces Strain on Hips, Back and Knees
  • Space Foam Technology 
  • Memory Foam Conforms to your Body, Changing Shape as you Move
  • Elastic Retainer Strap Helps Keep Pillow in Place
  • Thermo-Sensitive Properties Respond to your Body's Natural Heat