Organic Kamboo™ Pillow

  • $59.99

This all natural pillow is organic and made in Canada!  A blend of kapok and bamboo makes up the name Kamboo™ Pillow.
The bamboo outer shell is waterproof and washable with a side micro-vent for breathability.  The cotton inner shell has a zipper so you can adjust the firmness and loft of the pillow to your preference.


✔ Made in Canada!

✔ Hypoallergenic

✔ Anti-Bacterial

 Anti Bed Bugs

✔ Anti Dust Mites

✔ Filled with 100% Organic Kapok Fiber

✔ Bamboo Outer Cover:

  • Waterproof and Machine Washable
  • Temperature Regulating:  Bamboo Naturally Regulates Temperature to Stay Cool in the Summer and Warm in the Winter
  • Side Micro-Vent for Breathability

✔  100% Cotton Inner Shell:

  • Zipper Closure Gives Access to Kapok Filling, Allowing you to Adjust Firmness and Loft to your Own Personal Preference
  • 100% Cotton Provides Breathable Layer Around Fill

✔  10-Year Warranty


  • Standard:  $59.99
  • Queen:      $69.99
  • King:         $79.99


WASHING INSTRUCTIONS: Only wash waterproof bamboo outer shell – Never wash the inside of the pillow.



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